Why offer training?

Growing your skillset and expanding your knowledge are key parts of life. At Mediate BC, we value continuous learning and know that there is keen interest in mediation training for a variety of reasons and purposes. 

In order to ensure high quality service providers, we have to make sure they have access to quality training that meets our high admission standards. 


We offer mediation and conflict resolution training for those  wanting to become a mediator or those looking to upskill. 

See what is offered now. Check back regularly as the upcoming courses change seasonally. 

Custom Training

Mediate BC has more than 25 years of experience offering mediation and conflict resolution training to groups of various sizes and backgrounds. 

If you are interested in having us deliver custom training for your group, please contact our Training Manager


We know that practicing any new skills is a huge part of learning. Nothing beats real life experience, but how do you do it safely (for you and your clients)  in a supported manner? Enter mentorship! 

Mediate BC Associates can register for mentored co-mediations with an RRM.

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