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Some things to keep in mind:

About the Roster

Mediate BC maintains Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs), Med-Arb practitioners and Associates across BC to protects the public and manages the provincial Child Protection Mediation Program. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards. All Mediate BC RRMs have met the criteria for admission, agreed to comply with the standards of conduct, completed annual professional development, and are subject to the Society’s complaint process.

The mediators on the roster come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some are practicing lawyers while others are social workers, psychologists, counselors, teachers, and just about any other profession. Please read individual mediator profiles for more details.

Specialized Designations

RRMs may apply and receive specialized designations to show their additional training and experience in those areas of practice:

  • Civil Procedure: for civil disputes that may impact active court cases.
  • Family (Parenting): for issues involving children in a separation
  • Family (Property): for asset/debt and financial issues (excluding child support) in a separation
  • Child Protection: for matters pursuant to section 22 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA) and where the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD) is involved.
  • Med-Arb: for a process that is designed to include mediation and arbitration phases.


What is an “Associate” Mediator?

Mediators labeled as “Associate” are trained mediators who are in the process of gaining mediation experience. They are available to mediate on their own or sometimes they may opt to co-mediate with another experienced mediator, offering you the benefit of having two mediators. The difference in admission criteria can be found here.

Search Function

The more filters you select, the more narrow the search will be, resulting in lesser results. Our system looks for mediators that match ALL of the filters you have applied. If you selected Family (Parenting) AND $0-200 AND $201-350 AND Sliding Scale, there will likely be very few results. Try broadening your search and only select must-have criteria as filters.

Location, Region & Travel

We recommend searching by Region only if you want  in-person service. Most professionals offer virtual services, which can save you time and money. If there are few mediators in your Region, try selecting Willing to Travel (and remove the Region filter) to get more options. Check to see if they charge for travel. Each mediator’s location is listed below their photo, so you have an idea of how far they may have to travel.


Each RRM and Associate has met the criteria established for admission. However, Mediate BC makes no warranties or representations respecting the work performed by any of its mediators. Information concerning mediators has been provided to the Society by individual mediators. You should confirm this information, and seek further information, directly from the individual mediators.