Sliding Scale Family Mediation

Mediate BC has a new user-pay mediation project that helps families who are undergoing separation and divorce.  It provides access to a private family mediator at a cost that is customized to your family’s financial situation.  We have developed a unique sliding scale based on income and assets/debts in order to set a fee that is affordable for you.

What does a family mediator do?

Family mediators are trained to help you to reach decisions about issues that are important for you and your family. The Sliding Scale Project mediators can assist you with the entire range of issues including division of assets/debts, spousal support, parenting time, child support and guardianship.  They can help you find a way to plan for the future and to agree on what will work best for you without having to go to court. This approach minimizes anxiety, promotes a good relationship with the participants and any children involved and can also save you time, money and stress. See our family mediation page for more information. 

How do I get started?

The initial intake process is done by phone.  The Sliding Scale Project Mediation Coordinator will help you decide whether it is the right choice for you by: 

  • Answering your questions about family mediation and about this project
  • Helping you make a plan to contact your former spouse or partner and tell them about family mediation and this project 
  • Explaining technology-assisted mediation if you each live in different areas
  • Take a look at some FAQs

If you both agree to proceed:

The Mediation Coordinator may also give you information about other helpful services to support you through this process.

For more information please contact:

Sliding Scale Project Mediation Coordinator:
Phone:  604-684-1300 x108
Toll-free:  1-877-656-1300 x108

We look forward to assisting you!