Mediation Advisor

What Does Mediation Advisor Do?

Mediation Advisor offers assistance free of charge to individuals who are experiencing a civil dispute. This means any kind of dispute outside of separation and divorce, personal injury, child protection or criminal matters. Some examples of what the Mediation Advisor can help with are:

  • business disputes including leases and contracts
  • disputes between neighbours
  • landlord tenant issues
  • workplace conflict
  • human rights
  • immigration
  • wills and estates
  • money owed or owing to you
  • consumer goods and services complaints

How Can Mediation Advisor Help?

  • by listening to your perspective with an open mind and helping you identify the available options to address your dispute
  • by linking you to the necessary resources to put your plan into action (resources could include legal advice from a lawyer, community resources or the services of a qualified pro-bono or low cost mediator)
  • by inviting the other party to participate in an informal problem-solving conversation. Some problems can be resolved within hours this way.

How Do I Find the Mediation Advisor?

To talk to the Mediation Advisor, you can either go to the Victoria or Vancouver Justice Access Centre or call the numbers below to book an appointment.

The Mediation Advisor Service is co-ordinated by Mediate BC with the support of the Law Foundation of British Columbia and the Family Justice Services Division.