Safety Screening in Family Mediation


In 2008, CA Walker and Associates (Victoria, BC) produced a discussion paper titled “Safety Screening in Family Mediation: A Discussion Paper.” The purpose of this publication was to assist mediators on Mediate BC’s Family Roster (formerly the B.C. Mediator Roster Society) to assess mediation participants for the appropriateness of mediation.

By applying a screening process and individual interviews, any potential for abuse would be disclosed. If abuse is disclosed, mediators are expected to put appropriate safeguards in place to ensure a safe and fair mediation, and, if none can be devised, to refer the participants to appropriate professionals.

Although the paper was produced for family mediators, mediators in other practice areas may also find this information useful, as part of a larger assessment for the appropriateness of mediation for the participants – incorporating questions of suitability, capacity and mediation readiness.