Court Mediation Program - Small Claims

The Court Mediation Program is now closed. To find a civil mediator ready to assist you to find resolution, please visit the Civil Mediator Roster.

If you have questions about the small claims court process, please contact the appropriate Court Registry.

Court Mediation Program - Small Claims Mediation Services

The Court Mediation Program provides mediation services to resolve claims filed in designated Provincial Court Small Claims registries in BC. These small claims registries refer cases to the Program to be mediated free of charge.

Parties named in the claim referred to mediation will receive a Notice of Mediation Session. This lets the parties know the date, time, and location of the scheduled mediation.

A mediation session is confidential and not open to the public. Each mediation session is booked for two hours.

In the mediation session, the mediator will help the parties discuss the dispute in an informal manner and to negotiate a settlement that works for both parties.

The mediator is impartial and is there to help the parties communicate. The mediator is not a judge and does not make any decisions about the outcome of the case. The parties have the power to make decisions about how they want to resolve the case.

Notice to Mediate

If a claim is filed in one of the designated Rule 7.2 Registries, and is not automatically referred to mediation, one of the parties to the case can initiate mediation by filing a Notice to Mediate under Rule 7.2 (2)(c).

More information on Notices to Mediate

Small Claims Pilot Project - Robson Square

Since November 2007, the Robson Square Small Claims Court in downtown Vancouver has participated in a Pilot Project. In this project, small claims cases are being referred to new court procedures, including mediation, to be resolved swiftly and fairly.

In Robson Square, all personal injury claims and cases with claim amounts between $5,000 and $25,000 (except institutional debt claims) are referred to mediation with the Court Mediation Program.

For more information about the Small Claims Pilot, please go to