Growing Mediation Practices

A Three-part Series with Executive Coach Allison Wolf

In this modern era of social media, the internet, and email overload, pexels-photo-28446.jpgmarketing and business development can seem a daunting prospect. What works? Where to focus? What is worth investing time and money in? And how to find the time for it all.  

Mediate BC partnered with Allison Wolf, Executive Coach and President of Shift Works Strategic Inc. to answer these questions and more. This three-part series provides an opportunity for mediators to focus on business development, with marketing and business developing strategies that are specific to mediation and can be implemented immediately.

Part 1: Growing Mediation Practices: A Business Development and Marketing Primer

When: Wednesday October. 05, 2016, 4:30PM - 6:00PM

Presenter: Allison Wolf, Executive Coach with Shift Works Strategic and Principal with Hogarth & Wolf - Marketing and Communications

In this presentation by business development coach Allison Wolf you will learn:

  • The mindset to adopt to achieve the best results
  • The necessity of focus and how to uncover your profitable niche areas
  • Strategies and tactics for getting found and hired
  • How to develop an action plan to keep on track
  • How to advance your plan in small and easy to accomplish steps 
Allison will provide specific examples of tactics you can begin to implement immediately after the session. She will be taking questions in advance of the session and answering them during the program.
Part 2: Growing Mediation Practices: A Toolkit for Mediators

When: Self-Study

Presenter: Allison Wolf, Executive Coach with Shift Works Strategic and Principal with Hogarth & Wolf - Marketing and Communications

Allison Wolf will provide a self-study toolkit of resources for business development. Participants have the opportunity to submit completed toolkits to the Executive Coaching Panel, who will provide generalized feedback in Part. 3.

The toolkit contains articles, templates, and action-items that can be immediately introduced into small business planning, including:
  • A business development and marketing plan template
  • A four-step business development strategy
  • Business Development happens in small steps (article)
  • Getting more mileage from articles and presentations (article)
  • Getting found and known through social media
  • Leveraging Conflict Resolution Week for growing your practice (article)
Allison will provide specific examples of tactics you can begin to implement immediately after the session. She will be taking questions in advance of the session and answering them during the program.
Part 3: Growing Mediation Practices: Executive Coaching Panel

When: Wednesday October. 19, 2016, 4:30PM - 6:00PM

Panel: Allison Wolf, Rebecca Alleyne, Amy Robertson, Grace Baker

In this presentation by the Executive Coaching Panel you will learn:
  • The top 3 investments of time and money to grow your business
  • Pitfalls and time wasters to avoid
  • The best rosters and how to get on them
  • Feedback and self-study toolkit
  • Have panel responses to submitted questions

Who Should Attend:

This series is intended for mediators, lawyers, and conflict resolution service providers who are developing their business practice.

Mediate BC: 4.0 hours of CPD

General Registration:

CRW Mediator Volunteers: 3-part course package: $95 + GST
Roster Mediators: 3-part course package: $109 + GST
Non-Roster Mediators - 3-part course package: $149 + GST

Call 604-684-1300 X 104 or email for more information

About the Presenter:
Allison Wolf is one of the most senior coaches to the legal profession in Canada. She has over twenty years experience as a legal marketing and business development professional and twelve years of experience as a coach.

Clients Appriciate Allison's fast moving creative mind. She is known for coming up with innovative marketing and business development strategies for helping her clients advance their business goals.

Allison is frequently asked to write for US and Canadian journals and to present to professional associations and law firms. Allison is a partner in the marketing agency Hogarth & Wolf, and is a Certified Executive Coach and the founder of Shift Works Strategic Inc. She is the publisher of a resource website for lawyers, and has a bi-monthly column with the law blog She is a Past President of the Legal Marketing Association Vancouver Chapter and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Allison can be reached by phone at 778-773-2556 or by email at

About the panel:
Rebecca Alleyne has been practicing in the area of Family Law for 10 years and has shifted her practice to family mediation exclusively. As a young Family Law Mediator in a competitive market, Rebecca has had to find a niche for her practice. In starting her mediation practice, Rebecca developed processes to find new clients, keep operating costs low, and increase referrals. Rebecca obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary in 2001 and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Victoria in 2005. She has been a mediator since 2011. Rebecca has shared her mediation practice development insights through Camosun College and the Canadian Bar Association's Family Law and ADR subsections.

Amy Robertson offers both family and workplace mediation ARobertson_PM_Sept15-200lowresBW.jpgservices. Amy's background as a Management Consultant and Chairperson for a Federal Administrative Tribunal that dealt exclusively with conflict between employers and employees has her uniquely qualified for mediating conflict in the workplace. That said, Amy is also drawn to family mediation and these files represent the majority of her private practice. Amy opened her practice in 2014 and understands the work involved in entering a new market and getting a business off the ground. Amy runs her practice like a profit center - which really means she keeps detailed spreadsheets of all money coming in and all money going out. Amy believes it is also important to invest in business development, while keeping track not only of actual expenditures but the time spent in this area. Amy obtained her Bachelor of Commerce with distinction from the University of Victoria and is a Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator through Family Mediation Canada.  

Grace Baker has developed and managed an active mediation practice for Baker,-Grace.jpgover 15 years with considerable experience in civil, workplace, family and child protection mediation. Grace began her mediation practice in Alberta, before moving to BC in 2010. She is an active mediator for several programs, including the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Northern Navigator, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Grace is also a Lead Mediator with Mediate BC's Family Mediation Program mentoring trained, yet inexperienced family mediators. Grace has coached with the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) in addition to developing and providing training for Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta (ADRIA), including the recent course Getting to Work: Building on ADR Business.