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Sharon Sutherland
LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), M.A. (Theatre Studies)
Mediator and Conflict Resolution Trainer
Coast Fraser, All of Canada
True North Dispute Management
Delta, BC


Civil Roster Mediation Details
Design and provision of training in conflict resolution, mediation, mediation advocacy and negotiation skills. Tailored training for organizations, industries, and community groups.
Mediation mentoring and co-mediation.
Conflict management design and evaluation.
Theatre tools for conflict resolution and conflict resolution training (Improvisation, Image & Forum Theatre, Sociodrama, etc).
Collaborative game development and games-based workshops for conflict resolution.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ qualified (Step I and II).


Rate varies depending on type of matter and location, and is usually determined on a daily or half daily basis. I conduct a limited number of pro bono and "low bono" mediations each year, usually as a mentored co-mediation or through CoRe Conflict Resolution Society.



I have been mediating since 1996 and have conducted hundreds of mediations in contexts including civil, child protection, small claims, workplace, community and housing. I provide flexible services tailored to the specific needs of the parties. I offer online dispute resolution services as appropriate.

Over the years, I have co-mediated with and mentored other mediators in hundreds of mediations conducted through the Court Mediation Program, the Child Protection Mediation Practicum, UBC Faculty of Law, CoRe Conflict Resolution Society, and in private practice. I enjoy bringing my expertise and experience in mediation processes and skills to co-mediations with others who bring different expertise (linguistic, cultural, specialized subject knowledge, etc.) when it benefits the parties.

I have considerable experience as a mediation trainer and program designer. Currently, I am working on Training Design and Outreach for a new Child Protection Mediation Practicum. I was co-Program Manager of the Court Mediation Program at BC Provincial Court (1998-2003) and Manager of Development for the previous Child Protection Mediation Practicum (2006-2010). In my role with the Child Protection Practicum, I worked in partnership with a number of indigenous communities and organizations throughout BC to develop community-based mediation training opportunities.

From 2000-2014, I was a full-time faculty member at UBC Faculty of Law, where I ran a clinical mediation program and a judicial externship program in the Provincial Court, as well as teaching a wide variety of substantive courses. I have been a sessional instructor in Dispute Resolution at both University of Victoria and Thompson Rivers Faculties of Law. I worked as a Knowledge Engineer in the development of the Civil Resolution Tribunal (2014-2016), and participated in the development of the Solution Explorer streams for Strata, Loans & Debts, Construction, Personal Injury and Property.

I am an active volunteer within the conflict resolution community. As Vice-President of CoRe Conflict Resolution Society, I write a blog on impasse breaking and creativity for mediators at CoReJolts and coordinate the Core Speaker Series. I host annual Collaborative Game Jams, and co-designed and kickstarted Zombie Fight or Flight – a collaborative game designed for family fun and for conflict prevention and training. With Wendy Lakusta, I produce a video series called Mediation Works, which explores different areas of mediation practice. I am also a frequent volunteer with Continuing Legal Education Society of BC and have co-chaired several Dispute Resolution Conferences. In 2011, I received the Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation from Mediate BC.

I’m an avid theatre-goer and President of the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Fringe Festival; have coached and managed numerous teams in field hockey, soccer and rugby; enjoy tabletop games (especially introducing new players to collaborative games); and am immersed in popular culture scholarship with a special interest in television and law.

Business & Consumers
  • Consumer Protection
  • Consumer/Vendor
  • Family Business
  • Sale of Goods
  • Shareholder Rights & Disputes
  • Small Business
  • Trade Practices and Mergers Affecting Competition
  • Negligence
  • Small Claims Court
  • Small Claims Rule 7.3
  • Community/Neighbourhood
Employment & Workplace
  • Employment
  • Workplace Conflict/Bullying
  • Wrongful/constructive Dismissal
Housing & Real Estate
  • Co-op Housing
  • Housing/Tenancy
  • Strata
  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Publishing/Printing
  • Sport
Justice Access Centres
  • VJAC - Vancouver
Mental Health Issues
  • Mental Health Issues
Public Institutions/Charities/Non Profits
  • Non-profit Organizations/ Societies/ Charities
  • School/Education/University
Rights & Identity
  • Defamation
  • Discrimination
  • Gender
  • Harassment/Bullying
  • Human Rights
  • Privacy/Information Access
  • Sexual Orientation

  • Same Sex/Gender