Apply to the Family Mediation Program

“The Family Mediation Program offered me an opportunity to co-mediate with an extremely skilled Lead Mediator.  This Mediator was a true mentor who offered me support and guidance that far exceeded my expectations. I am truly grateful for the experience.  As a result of this mentorship my private practice in Family Mediation has taken off.  It was the boost I needed to get my business off the ground."

- Tammy Van Hinte, BA Psych, Cert ConRes -Conflict Options Mediation and Coaching


NOTE: Please contact our office for updates on the FMP's availability in your area.



Those wanting to become Associate Mediators in the FMP must also apply to the Associate Family Roster and can apply at any time.  Offers of acceptance will be based on the selection criteria.  For details on enrollment requirements and application procedures for the FMP and Associate Family Roster, please see here: Information and Application Form.
To obtain the required Professional Liability Insurance apply on-line here:  Application



The initial application fee for acceptance to the Associate Family Roster is $131.25 + GST.  (NOTE: there is only one form for both the Associate Roster and FMP.)

Once accepted, the FMP administration fee of $975 + GST is due.  After that, the Associate pays $50 + GST (directly to the Lead Mediator) for each hour that the Lead Mediator is involved in the mentoring process with them.  (This includes premediation and joint sessions with clients, preparation and debriefing meetings, reading through documents, phone calls, etc.)  The number of hours is determined by the mentoring goals and needs of the Associate.


Timeline and Procedures

Setting up the mentoring relationship and doing the work as a Mediation Team has several important steps.

1.    Application to the Associate Family Roster and the FMP

The Mediate BC Roster Committee reviews Roster and FMP applications at their regular meetings.  See here for dates.

2.    Once accepted, the Associate is given online access to FMP resources

Required reading and documents are included, as well as the list of FMP Lead Mediators and their contact information.  (Required reading is to be done before contacting potential Lead Mediators.)

3.    Associate contacts potential Lead Mediator for mentoring

Contact a Lead Mediator to inquire about mentoring.  (NOTE: You may contact more than one at a time to inquire, but you may only enter into a mentoring relationship with one Lead Mediator at a time.)

The timeframe for getting started with a Lead varies.  Recent experience tells us that it can take 4-6 months after you are accepted into the program for you to find a Lead that is available.

Once the mentoring relationship is established, it might take 6-12 months for the Associate to accomplish 20 hours of mediation work with clients.  Again, these numbers are rough estimates – talk to the Lead Mediators themselves for more information on this.

4.    The Lead reviews the Associate’s documents

When a Lead is available to consider taking on another Associate, the Associate sends them a copy of their Associate Family Roster Application and their resume, as well as a completed Associate Mediator Questionnaire (found in the FMP online resources section).  Associates must have as part of their mentoring goals, an hourly goal for how many hours of mediation session time they want to co-mediate.

The Lead will use the information in these documents to consider whether the Associate might be a good match for them.

5.    The Lead and Associate meet together

If after reviewing the documents the Lead is willing to consider (still to be determined) a partnership, they will meet together to go over the documents.  If both are satisfied, they will sign the Mediation Team Agreement (found in the FMP online resources section).

Also, they will determine the basics of a training plan for the Associate.  (NOTE: at this time, distance mediation is not yet an approved part of the mentoring experience, the mediation session must be done with all parties and mediators in the room together.)  

6.    Midpoint feedback

Halfway through the mentoring relationship (usually at the midpoint of the number of hours the Associate pans to work with the Lead) both mediators meet to give each other feedback.  The forms are found in the FMP online resources section.

7.    Final feedback

At the end of the planned mentoring relationship, both mediators will again give feedback to each other using forms found in the FMP online resources section.

Throughout the process, Mediate BC continues to support the FMP Mediation Teams and clients by processing applications for potential Associate Mediators, giving them access to the specific mentoring process and infrastructure developed by Mediate BC, drawing in new Lead Mediators, continually evaluating and developing the various processes, updating materials, offering online resources, and occasionally providing clients to the Mediation Teams.