Conflict Resolution Week 2018

Mark Your Calendars!

Conflict Resolution Week 2018 is November 3 - 10

Everyone has their own story during a conflict. It feels like we’re right and they’re wrong - we’re the victim or hero and they’re the villain.

There's Another Story - explore how mediation, unlike fairy tales, has creative and fair options to resolve conflict.

Mediators can help you uncover that story and will be out across the province to share some of their tips and skills with you.

To host an event, or if you would like to volunteer, email or call 604-684-1300 ext. 106.

How to Participate

Attend a Conflict Resolution Week Event

Look on the Conflict Resolution Week 2018 Events Page to find an event in your area.

Host a Conflict Resolution Week Event, or, Volunteer to Present

Would you like to have a skilled and experienced mediator join your business or community to facilitate a conversation around resolving conflict more effectively?

Or, are you a roster mediator who is interested in volunteering for Conflict Resolution Week?

Email or call 604-684-1300 ext. 106 to explore how we can create a Conflict Resolution Week event that works for you.

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Are you planning Conflict Resolution Week themed activities for your business or organization? Or, are you interested in learning more about Conflict Resolution Week?

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