Civil Roster Admission

Mediators on the Civil Roster mediate a broad range of civil/non-family disputes, including corporate/commercial, construction, employment, environment, housing, human rights, land use, negligence, personal injury, police complaints, small business and wills and estates, amongst others.

Please note: Mediate BC’s Civil Roster is not an approved roster under the Family Law Act and Regulation. Please see our Family Roster Admission page for more information or the Ministry of Justice webpage – Family Law Legislation - for specific requirements.

Criteria for Admission

To be admitted to the Civil Roster, mediators must have:

  • at least 40 hours of core education in mediation theory and skills training (including 10 hours of simulated or role play mediation);
  • at least 40 hours of core education in conflict resolution training (including 7 hours on ethical issues relating to the mediation process);
  • at least 100 additional hours of training in dispute resolution or in a related field;
  • at least two days (14 hours) of instruction in civil procedures;
  • completed a minimum of 10 civil mediations as the only (or primary) mediator, a co-mediator, or a mentored mediator in an accepted practicum*;
  • letters of reference; and
  • insurance coverage.

*may also include the equivalent of 3 civil mediations from a successful assessment by an approved organization, and a maximum of 2 civil mediations in a law school mediation moot.

Detailed information about the qualifications to join the Civil Roster can be found in Summary of Qualifications for Admission: Civil Roster.

Application Procedure

Information Regarding Education and Training Requirements



Please note: Court Mediation Program (CMP)'s Detailed Feedback Forms from mediation #8, #9 and #10 will be accepted in lieu of the two references usually required for Civil Roster applications. These may be sent directly to Mediate BC's Mediator Roster office by the applicant. Additional references may be given but all applicants relying on the practicum program for mediation experience are required to submit these feedback forms.