Application Procedure

Mediators who wish to be admitted to the Civil, Family, Associate Family Roster and the Associate Civil Roster are required to:

Please note: Court Mediation Program (CMP)'s Detailed Feedback Forms from mediation #8. #9 and #10 will be accepted in lieu of the two references usually required for Civil Roster applications. These may be sent directly to Mediate BC's Mediator Roster office by the applicant. Additional references may be given but all aplivcants relying on the practicum program for mediation experience are required to submit these feedback forms.
A group of the Society's Directors, called the "Roster Committee", assesses the applications for admission. Currently, the Roster Committee is scheduled to review applications in 2019 on:
  • March 21st,
  • June 21st
Please note: The Roster Office will accept applications, including letters of reference, to the Roster up to two weeks prior to Roster Committee meetings. Accordingly, the 2019 application deadline dates are:
  • March 7
  • June 7
For information about the appeal policies and process, visit Mediate BC's Appeal Policies and Process.
A professional liability insurance program, providing mediators and arbitrators errors and omissions insurance at a group rate, has been established for mediators on Mediate BC’s Civil, Family and Associate Rosters. For details, view Insurance Program.  Applicants to the Civil, Family and Associate Rosters may wish to note that provisional admission may be granted to uninsured applicants who otherwise meet all of Mediate BC's admission requirements. The insurance program established for Roster mediators is available to provisionally admitted applicants. Please contact us for details.
Applicants should be aware that Mediate BC has a Complaint Process to deal with allegations of misconduct or breach of the Society's Standards of Conduct by mediators on its Civil, Family and Associate Rosters.