About the Rosters

Mediate BC manages a list of qualified civil and family mediators. The list consists of two separate Rosters:  the Civil Roster and the Family Roster. Mediate BC sets training and experience standards for admission to these Rosters, as well as ongoing education requirements for roster status, Standards of Conduct, and a Complaint Process

Mediate BC also manages a list of trained mediators who are in the process of gaining mediation experience through the Associate Civil and Associate Family Rosters. The associate mediators are available to co-mediate with more experienced mediators. Some of the Associate Family Mediators may also be Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Mediators or certified Family Mediation Canada mediators and available to mediate as a single mediator. Associate mediators also abide by the Standards of Conduct and Complaint Process.

Mediate BC is affiliated with British Columbia's Child Protection Mediation Program Roster, and in this capacity manages information about the mediators on this Roster.

Administering the Notice to Mediate selection processes

The Society has a key role under British Columbia’s Supreme Court Notice to Mediate regulations and under Provincial Court Small Claims Rule 7.3 - Mediation for Claims Between $10 000 and $25 000.  Mediate BC is designated by the Attorney General as a "roster organization" under all of the Notice to Mediate regulations. The regulations provide that where parties are unable to agree upon the selection of a mediator, any party may apply to a "roster organization" for the appointment of a mediator. 

Similarly, when parties are unable to agree upon the selection of a mediator under Small Claims Rule 7.3, any party may apply to Mediate BC for the appointment of a mediator.  Mediate BC is also available to help with the selection process when parties who have voluntarily agreed to mediate a dispute are unable to agree on the selection of a mediator.

For a fuller description of the selection process, please see Notice to Mediate Regulations.

Providing information about mediators and mediation

Mediate BC provides the public with easy access to information about Civil and Family Roster mediators, and the affiliated Child Protection Roster mediators, through its Mediator Roster Program and the Mediate BC website. Detailed information about the individual mediators is maintained on the website in three separate Directories (or Rosters).  Mediate BC provides information about the mediation process, mediation training opportunities, and mediation-related initiatives.

Providing professional development and practice support for roster mediators

Practice support includes teleconferences and web-based learning opportunities on best practice issues, periodic workshops or conferences and access to the Mediate BC’s library of conflict resolution materials.