What We Do

Mediate BC is committed to providing people with practical, accessible, and affordable choices to prevent, manage and resolve disputes.

Mediate BC provides a range of training, service, development and quality monitoring programs to support and develop capacity in dispute resolution services in B.C. For many years, the Society and its predecessors have provided a stable source of competent mediation professionals. We have also been an agent of change to improve access to justice in the province by piloting new processes, reaching out to underserved communities and introducing a problem solving approach to justice system professionals and users.

Mediate BC specializes in mediation. Our expertise and experience includes a wide variety of dispute resolution tools and processes. We can help people to choose the mediation approach that matches their needs, including collaborative methods that preserve and enhance relationships.

Mediate BC offers mediation information, services and programs for individuals, families and organizations. We also support mediators and other dispute resolution professionals with training, professional development and resources.

Our combined service base includes:

  • Civil and Family Mediator Rosters;
  • Court Mediation Program - Small Claims Practicum Program for civil mediators;
  • Training program for family mediators through the Family Mediation Program;
  • Civil (small claims)  mediation services for the public provided as part of the Small Claims Pilot in Robson Square Registry and under Rule 7.2 in designated Registries;
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities and other support for mediators;
  • Collaboration with government in the operation of the Child Protection Mediation Program;
  • Specialized dispute resolution design services, research and advice;
  • Dispute resolution information and education for the public; and,
  • Contributing to the justice reform dialogue in the province.

The Society is affiliated with British Columbia's Child Protection Mediation Program, and in this capacity manages information about the mediators on the Child Protection Mediator Roster.

Mediate BC provides access to lists of qualified civil and family mediators. These lists are called the "Civil Roster" and the "Family Roster". The mediators on these Rosters have, at a minimum, completed a basic level of training and experience and have agreed to follow the Society's code of conduct. By defining this basic level, the Society's Civil and Family Rosters provide a measure of protection to the public. At the same time, the Society provides guidance for civil and family mediators about acceptable levels of training and standards for ethical practice.

The Society plays an important role in appointing mediators under British Columbia's Notice to Mediate regulations (Supreme Court) and Provincial Small Claims Rule 7.3 - Mediation for Claims Between $10,000 and $25,000. You can find detailed information in the following pages:

Mediation practicum and training programs are currently provided by:

The Society also provides assistance to people and organizations who need help to create unique dispute prevention and resolution systems or processes: