Province Releases Report on Victoria-Esquimalt Policy, Accepts Recommendations

Ministry of Justice, June 27, 2012

VICTORIA – The Province supports the recommendation in the independent mediator’s report to maintain an amalgamated police department and board structure for policing in Victoria and Esquimalt and is taking steps to facilitate a stronger, more equitable relationship, Minister of Justice and Attorney General Shirley Bond announced today.

The report, A Framework for Effectiveness, produced by independent mediator and human resources specialist Jean Greatbatch, makes a number of recommendations to help create an effective, sustainable relationship and new approach for the municipalities to work together.

The Province supports the recommended development of a framework agreement between the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt and will immediately implement the following action plan:

The Province will appoint a facilitator to work with the parties to develop a framework agreement, to be completed by Oct. 31, 2012, and will provide other resources where needed. The framework agreement will be reviewed after three years by the director of police services, to ensure it provides:     

  • An effective service delivery model.
  • An equitable funding formula.
  • A transparent and accountable budgeting processes.
  • Predictable conflict resolution.

The Province will help the parties establish two new Community Advisory Committees (CACs) by Nov. 30, 2012, to receive ongoing input from both communities about policing and law enforcement issues to meet citizens’ expectations. The CACs will regularly report to the police board. 

The Province will provide advanced training to police board members about their roles, responsibilities, and mandate in the context of the restructured amalgamated police service to be completed by Oct. 31, 2012 – to assist the board in working collaboratively and function with a shared vision.

Upon successful completion of a workable framework agreement and community input mechanisms, the Province will facilitate changing the name of the board and the police department to the Victoria-Esquimalt Police Board and Victoria-Esquimalt Police Department, as recommended in the report.  

Greatbatch also recommended the board have two co-chairs rather than a chair and vice-chair. This is among a number of issues that will be addressed as the parties develop the framework agreement, through a facilitated approach, so they can determine whether to incorporate additional recommendations or develop other options. 

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Posted: July 05, 2012