Lawyers Weekly: "The unsteady road to common ground"

Donalee Moulton in her recent article in Lawyers weekly "The unsteady road to common ground" raised the issue of cross cultural differences and the ensuing challenges for lawyers and mediators. Moulton interviewed Tina Hill, a principal of Hill ADR Solutions in Ottawa, and Shelina Neallani, a lawyer and mediator in Vancouver, BC. Shelina is also a Civil, Family and Child Protection Roster mediator and a manager with Mediate BC. Pauline Tesler, a collaborative lawyer with Tesler Sandmann & Fishman in San Francisco, was also interviewed and goes further in her assessment of the root cause - a need to work for educational and economic benefits for minority populations, politically and otherwise, as the only real remedy. The full article can be downloaded here


Posted: February 20, 2012