Family Law Act for Mediators

  Mediate BC Training & Development is developing an educational series for family and other interested mediators on the new Family Law Act.

The current Family Relations Act will be replaced with the new Family Law Act in March 2013. Mediate BC is dedicated to ensuring that mediators have the information they need to continue providing quality mediation services to their clients.

This new series of sessions will be available this winter and will focus on the different aspects of the Family Law Act: how it impacts your mediation practice; and what you, as a mediator, need to know about the Act; and more. Mediate BC is in the process of developing the series content which will include the new concepts under the FLA such as

  • parenting arrangements,
  • guardianship,
  • the new best interests of the child test,
  • relocation,
  • agreements under the Family Law Act and enforcement remedies,
  • duties of the dispute resolution professional,
  • the new property regime,
  • opportunity for mediators to share their practice tips and concerns.

Recognizing that Roster mediators are located throughout the province, Mediate BC Training & Development is exploring several delivery platforms. Our goal is to make the series accessible to all Roster and interested mediators.

Posted: October 17, 2012