Change to Continuing Education Policy for Roster Mediators

As of January 1, 2013, there will be a change to the continuing education requirement for all Roster Mediators. Currently, the Roster policy requires that each Roster Mediator do a minimum of 20 hours of mediation related, continuing educational activities, and provide details of these activities with their annual renewal documents.
The Roster Committee has reviewed and revised the policy: starting January 1, 2013, Roster Mediators will be required to complete 12 hours of mediation specific training or education, including at least 7 hours of formal course work. The remaining 5 hours of the requirement may include activities such as reading articles, blogs or other ADR literature, attending mediation or other ADR peer group meetings, teaching, writing or researching, to name a few. Roster Mediators whose renewal date is February 1, 2013 will be the first ones affected by this change. Notice of the new requirements will go out with their January 1, 2012 renewal reminder.
We have implemented these changes in response to feedback from Roster Mediators that our previous 20 hour requirement was too onerous; the reduction to 12 hours brings our requirements in line with other organizations, such as the Law Society of B.C. The changes are also intended to make our continuing education requirements clearer and easier to complete.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that the policy has always required Roster mediators to maintain and update their mediation skills through continuing training and educational activities; this requirement will remain constant with the revised policy. Courses that do not focus on mediation or other dispute resolution skills will not be accepted as part of your Roster continuing education requirements. Members have a separate duty under our Standards of Conduct to ensure they are acquiring and maintaining any specific areas of expertise particular to their practice; for example, if you specialize in Construction mediation, your own ongoing training may include courses reviewing developments in construction litigation. However, those construction law courses will not be accepted to fulfill your 7 hour course requirement. Renewal documents must detail the member's mediation-specific activities to satisfy the continuing education requirements.
We hope this makes the policy clearer and easier to complete. If you have any questions regarding the revised policy, or regarding the types of activities and courses that satisfy the requirements, please contact the Roster Office at 1-888-713-0433 or  and we will be happy to assist.

Posted: September 05, 2012