Associate Family & Civil Rosters

Mediate BC is pleased to announce the creation of the new Associate Family and Associate Civil Mediator Rosters for trained mediators who do not yet meet the experience requirements of the Civil and Family Rosters.

These Rosters will require fewer training hours and will not require an experience component. Mediators on these Rosters, while restricted to co-mediation, will be able to mediate with the support of Mediate BC, the guidance of its governing Standards of Conduct, and the advantage of its discounted insurance program.
Though Associate Roster mediators will not be eligible for notice to mediate appointments, they will receive a limited public listing on the Mediate BC website and the use of the Mediate BC logo to market their services to the public. Their prospective clients can be assured that Associate Mediators are restricted to co-mediation (in most instances), bound by Mediate BC's Standards of Conduct, and subject to its Complaints Policy.

Associate Family Roster

Associate Family Mediators are trained mediators in the process of gaining mediation experience and are available to co-mediate with experienced mediators who satisfy the requirements described in the Family Law Act Regulations 4(2). (Some may also be Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Mediators or certified Family Mediation Canada mediators and available to mediate solo.)
Trained mediators can also gain mentored mediation experience through Mediate BC's Family Mediation Program. Associate Family Roster mediators are not required to participate in the Family Mediation Program, however, admission to the Associate Family Roster is a requirement for all Family Mediation Program participants; to ease this process Mediate BC has created one single form to apply to both the Associate Roster and the Family Mediation Program. 
To learn more and apply, visit Associate Family Roster Admission page
Learn more about the Family Mediation Program.

Associate Civil Roster

Associate Civil Mediators are trained mediators who are in the process of gaining mediation experience and are available to co-mediate with Civil Roster mediators.
This opens a new avenue for new mediators to gain experience in BC while ensuring the best service for their clients and satisfy the experience requirements for Civil Roster membership.
To learn more and apply, visit the Associate Civil Admission page.

Mediate BC is proud to be able to provide multiple avenues for new mediators to gain the training and experience needed to succeed.
For more information on the Associate Rosters, please contact the Roster office by email or by calling 604-681-6050. 
Renee Collins Goult
Roster Manager
Mediate BC
Posted: January 28, 2014