The Mediate BC Society has 3 major sources of funding:

Grant Funding

The Mediate BC Society is grateful to receive funding from:

•     The Ministry of Attorney General
•     The Law Foundation of British Columbia
•     The Ministry of Children & Family Development

Practicum and Training Fees

Mediate BC charges fees for participation in the Court Mediation Program - Small Claims practicum program to contribute to the costs of the mediation mentors and administrative costs.

Mediate BC's Family Mediation Services also charges an administrative fee to family mediators seeking mediation experience through its Regional Mentoring Program.

Roster Mediator Fees

Mediators on the Civil and Family Rosters pay an annual administration fee to remain on the rosters and access services associated with roster status.

Other Fees

Mediate BC also charges fees for its tailored services and dispute resolution systems design expertise.