What is Mediation?
  • In mediation the parties try to resolve a dispute with the assistance of a neutral mediator.
  • Mediation is a practical, affordable, flexible and confidential process to address disputes of all kinds.
  • The parties, not the mediator, make the decisions about the terms of their agreement.
  • Mediation is a legally binding alternative to going to court.
  • For simplicity, we refer to three broad kinds of mediation:
      • Civil mediation – which covers virtually every kind of dispute except “family” and “child protection”
      • Family mediation – which covers conflicts within a family including separation, divorce, parenting arrangements, property and asset division, as well as planning tools including estate planning, cohabitation or marriage agreements etc.
      • Child Protection mediation is a form of family mediation which involves planning for the safety and wellbeing of a child where they are disputes between the parents/guardians of the child and provincial child welfare workers.

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