What is the Family Mediation Process?
The mediator will usually arrange confidential, pre-mediation meetings with each individual. This is an opportunity to tell the mediator your side of the story and share if you have any specific concerns.
The mediator will discuss how the mediation process may be adapted to meet your particular needs. For example, the mediator may suggest using the phone, or online tools to support the mediation process. Click here for more information on distance mediation.
Information about other resources, professionals and processes to help you and your family may also be provided.
The joint session is the next step. If it’s a face-to-face meeting, the parties will meet together in a private room to talk about the issues they want to resolve. Each individual is given the opportunity to express their views and talk about what’s important for them.
The process promotes respectful communication and ensures all discussions are balanced with a focus on potential solutions.
The parties themselves decide what is best for them and their family. The mediator will write down what has been agreed to in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This document summarizes the points of agreement between the two individuals.