How do Parties Choose a Family Mediator?
It is important for the parties to select a family mediator they are comfortable with and have confidence in.
Before making a selection contact more than one mediator and ask them questions and other relevant information including:
    • Are they are a listed with a recognized roster or mediation organization?
    • Do they have experience with family mediation and your specific issues?
    • Do they abide by a professional Standards of Conduct for mediators?
    • What do they charge, and how is payment made?

We suggest starting by looking at Mediate BC's online Roster of Family Mediators

Our Roster Mediators

Mediators on Mediate BC's  Family Roster mediate a variety of family-related matters, which include (but are not limited to) the reorganization of the family after separation or divorce, parenting, financial support and property matters connected to separation or divorce, family business, family property or finances, family inheritance and estates, responsibility for care of elderly parents, adoption, pre-nuptial issues, and intra-family conflicts.
You can find detailed information about individual mediators on the Family Roster in our searchable Directory of Family Mediators

Sliding Scale Family Mediation

Mediate BC has a new user-pay mediation project that helps families who are undergoing separation and divorce. It provides access to a private family mediator at a cost that is customized to your family’s financial situation. We have developed a unique sliding scale based on income and assets/debts in order to set a fee that is affordable for you.
For more information on Sliding Scale Family Mediation click here: Sliding Scale Family Mediation.

Take a look at our Choosing Mediation Brochure, or continue to explore the links to the left to learn more.