Family Mediation

Family mediation deals with conflicts within a family including separation, divorce, parenting arrangements, property and asset division, as well as planning tools including estate planning, cohabitation or marriage agreements etc.

Family mediation is a less costly alternative to going to court, and a practical, affordable and confidential process to prevent and resolve family disputes.


For couples and families, mediation is:
  • an informal, safe and confidential process which assists couples who are separating to discuss arrangements for their future with the help of a neutral third party – a mediator;
  • a way of helping families reach agreements which take into account all their needs, concerns and interests (and those of the children);
  • an accessible and affordable way for families to reach fair agreements without the need to initiate a court action.

Mediation can be used for all couples - married, common law and same sex.

Mediation can be used to negotiate marriage agreements and co-habitation agreements in accordance with the new property provisions of the Family Law Act.

The following pages provide information specific to family mediation and the new BC Family Law Act.